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When the Singapore International School was established in Jakarta in the year 1996, it was aimed at mainly children of expatriates working and living in Indonesia. The first SIS school was started through the inspiration provided by several meetings with senior Indonesian and Singapore government officials. The respected Singapore curriculum was ‘internationalized’ and then adjusted to suit local social and cultural nuances.

As the demand for the high standards of the SIS curriculum continued to grow, it was only natural that the SIS Founders provided access to the SIS curriculum to students from Indonesia. The SIS curriculum was carefully designed, by international and local educationists, taking in account the key components of the Indonesian curriculum . All to provide a truly holistic and unique programme with a global perspective.

Only after international experts rated the SIS programme and systems as being of very high standards, did the Founders decide to establish iconic schools for Indonesians. In 2004, the expansion programme started. Three more schools were established in Jakarta and the rest were in the cities of Medan, Semarang, Bandung and Cilegon.  

Today SIS students are constantly amongst the top performers in local and international examinations. They are active in Sports and in the Performing Arts. SIS students are well known for their stand on the environment and basic human rights. SIS Alumni includes those who have moved on to top schools and universities in Singapore, Australia, Japan, Korea, UK and the United States.

In 2011 SIS forged a strategic partnership with possibly the world’s biggest school operator, Beaconhouse. This gives SIS access to some of the best schools in 9 different countries outside Indonesia.

Today, in the city of Palembang, we plan to provide your child the opportunity to benefit from the same SIS standards and quality as enjoyed by other SIS students in Indonesia, at affordable fees.


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