What Does This All Mean For Your Child?

In a world full of challenges and conflict, high academic results alone will not be enough to survive. At SIS we ensure the following essential qualities are instilled in all our students for tomorrow’s difficult world.

  1. Respect for the Indonesian culture and people
  2. Respect for our own family and our neighbours
  3. Willingness to serve the interest of the larger community
  4. Willingness to stand up and express an opinion confidently and politely
  5. High regard and thirst for a holistic education
  6. Embracing Information Technology (IT) BUT not letting it dominate your personal integrity and discipline
  7. Understanding your own health and eating habits
  8. Appreciation of a multicultural and multi-religious world
  9. Appreciation of the environment within which we live


Every aspect of these essential qualities is imbibed in our unique SIS curriculum.


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