General outcomes of the programme are:

  1. Understanding yourself (strengths and areas of personal development)
  2. Respecting the environment, cultures, diversity and dynamism of ethnic and socio-economic.
  3. Respect for  and pride in Indonesia.
  4. Communicating ideas and opinions in polite and clear language.
  5. Learning to work together in groups and help each other in a positive way.
  6. Demonstrating skills in reading, writing, numeracy, listening and speaking.

The subjects taught in the Primary Programme are English,  Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, Computer, Physical Education and Health, Music, Arts and Crafts, Moral Values and an appreciation of the Indonesian culture and values.

We use the standards of competence established by the Indonesian Ministry of Education,  but provide a global perspective through our unique teaching methodologies and access to resources.


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